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Grove sandwiches has been launched in 2002, from a small sandwich shop to a brand with 15 outlets covering the whole Hong Kong area,  located in leading business buildings, shopping malls and Universities. Grove aims to provide you with an array of high quality and affordable sandwiches and light food, in order to promote the brand and let more people enjoy our tasty healthy food, we are expanding our business in order to serve as many as people in Hong Kong.

Grove 於二零零二年開業,由一家小型三文治店,發展至現今全港共有15間分店(店鋪進駐大型商業大廈、商場和多間大學,並分佈港九新界各區)。多年來Grove致力為顧客提供優質及價錢合理的三文治及輕食。為了讓更多人認識Grove這個本土品牌及享用健康優質的食品,未來我們會積極拓展業務,於不同地區開設更多分店。

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We enable professionals in the baking and making delicious bakery items.




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