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In Grove, we set a stringent standard on food quality and safety. To better control the food quality, we run our own central kitchen and highly monitored the food production process to make sure the foods delivered are in high quality and safety.

食 物 安 全



Catering Service

Grove provides professional event and catering services, with our best in class food quality, whole-hearted services and rich experience, we have built up a strong clientele including different SMEs, government departments and schools, for example, Legislative Council, Urban Renewal Authority.



Social Responsibility

As a responsible local food and beverage corporate, we strive to contribute the society by joining different welfare scheme. Grove has participated in "Work Orientation and Placement Scheme” organised by the Labour Department in encouraging the disabilities and enhance their understanding of the work capacity, thereby facilitating open employment of the later. Besides, Grove has contributed to environmental friendly by using PLA material in all University branch and delivery the green message to our customers.


作為一家對社會有責任和承擔的本地飲食企業,我們承諾為社會及環保作出努力。Grove sandwiches曾參與勞工署的「就業展才能計劃」,聘用殘疾人士及少數民族婦女,為基層及弱勢社群提供就業機會。環保方面,Grove於大學分店內採用PLA(可以被分解)的食物容器,垃圾分類指引及廚餘管理措施等,希望顧客食得健康之餘,亦能為環保出一分力。

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